Sada Cutting Cement does coring works which is a part of various kinds of construction works. Thanks to Sada's experience, it is able to perform coring on any structure i.e. from the most common masonry to concrete while ensuring quality of interventions. By employing trained technical personnel and advanced machinery Sada can execute work of any nature on all types structures.

The cores

Core is a drilling technique that finds various applications in the construction sector. It can be done on new buildings, industrial buildings, recently built or prefabricated reinforced concrete, and rather ancient buildings with architectural value. Some of the applications of core interventions are:
  • Core drilling for installation of electrical systems.
  • Coring for installation of plumbing.
  • Coring for installation of methane gas plants.
  • Core drilling for installation of air conditioning systems, and ventilation.
  • Core drilling for the placement of street lights, traffic lights, control devices, sensors, parking meters.
  • Coring of the foundation for anchoring systems.
  • Coring of foundation for anchoring machinery, rods guides and keys, railings, antennas.
  • Coring of the foundation for anchoring safety barriers.
  • Coring for taking samples for the control and the structural analysis of road surfaces.
  • Coring for taking samples for the control and the structural analysis of bridges, foundations, walls of buildings.
  • Large diameter holes, slots and the creation of shaped openings for passage facilities.
  • Calibrated holes for the passage of pipes.
  • Perforation of columns for reinforcing structures.
  • Inspection holes in general.
For more information and inquiries about the above type of works, our staff will be at your disposal. We can provide assistance and full support to both private and corporate client's as per their individual needs.

For core drilling operations, trust our experts, call 0342 801483

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