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Sada Cutting Cement is the leading national company in horizontal and vertical cutting of reinforced concrete services. Sada can execute work of any nature for it's clients as it has experienced staff and technologically advanced machinery.  All machining operations performed are carried out in compliance with general industry regulations, and with high quality standards.  These are guaranteed by the certifications obtained by Sada due to it's experience in this business over several years. The disc cutting is a technique that allows cutting of structures, of any shape and size, that have a maximum thickness of 1 meter. Disc cutting can be done both in horizontal and in vertical direction.


With the use this technology, we can do, wide range of works on different types of structures. A summary of the main works, which can be carried out are:
  • Controlled Demolition of structures in reinforced concrete.
  • Cutting of rooms, doors, windows, retaining walls.
  • Cutting of grooves and ducts for cables. Cutting of walls, beams, walls, pillars, slabs, floors, stairs and landings.
  • Cutting road surfaces.
  • Cutting decks and walkways.
  • Cut marks on floors and solettoni for installation systems.
  • Cutting for the demolition of canals, pipelines, dams.
  • Cutting for the demolition of vaults.
  • Cutting for the demolition of chimneys.
  • Cutting for the demolition of bases and plinths.
  • Cutting of structures and civil and industrial plants in general.
For more information and inquiries about the above type of works, our staff will be at your disposal. We can provide assistance and full support to both private and corporate client's as per their individual needs.

For our concrete cutting services call 0342 801483

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