Demolition and Cutting Reinforced Concrete

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 controlled demolition in the PROVINCE of Sondrio 

Sada Concrete Cutting is a company that is headquartered in Grosio, Sondrio, and specializes in controlled demolition and concrete cutting. Over the years the company has gained solid and varied experience in this area, becoming an industry benchmark with regards to these interventions. Sada gives excellent quality to it's clients as it deploys technologically advanced machinery and trained professional for all it's jobs. Together with this, Sada, strictly adheres to compliance of environmental and safety standards for their clients.


Sada has been active since 2007 throughout the national territory, mainly operating in Valtellina and Milanese hinterland. However, over the years, due to its operational experience and the latest technological machinery, it has become one of the leading companies in the industry, that operates throughout the country servicing the needs of individual customers. The employed staff is qualified and constantly trained also for the smaller works of internal demolitions. These works are performed with manual clamps and with new  generation of electrical radio-controlled robots. This is done with maximum safety, speed and professionalism.


Sada is a certified company with clearance under the 34/00 DPR. This allows Sada to perform machining with high final quality assurance, made according to specific management protocols that allow for general compliance with industry regulations and safety of done works. The SOA is now a necessary and important document to prove the company's ability to execute (directly or as a subcontractor) certain types of public works. This gives an additional guarantee to the client that the work, is carried out according to standard and appropriate procedures.


Please contact Sada staff to get a personalized quote. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will be on hand for any type of intervention. We can provide all the necessary information, support and choice to our customers. This ensures that the of best solution for each type of intervention is available to them.

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